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Parents join in the Cultural experience2019

Our Story

Hunter Chinese Language School has been established for 6 years since 2014. We have both language and culture. In 2019, the school has been expanded from Sydney to Newcastle. There are three branches, Gladesville, Point Clare and Lambton. With support from our parents and teachers, we are having after school classes and Saturday lessons.

We believe that culture is the most important part of language learning. Due to this belief, we have put a lot of cultural knowledge into our lesson so that the students can understand why we use the language like that.

In 2019, we introduced the traditional Chinese dance to our students, which is designed by Caroline Ding (principal of Hunter Chinese) and Angela Zhao (from Peach and Plum Chinese school). It was popularised among Chinese students. We performed at Town Hall for Chinese Language Spectacular 2019. We were also invited to China Town to perform during the 2020 Chinese New Year celebration.

Time Table

Gladesville Public School: Monday after school
Point Clare Public School: Thursday after school
Saturday 9am to 3pm
Lambton High School: Tuesday after school (High School students)
Friday after school (Primary School students)
Saturday 9am to 3pm

Meet our teachers

Ms Caroline Ding Principal / Teacher
Ms Ding is the principal of Hunter Chinese Language School. She has been teaching Chinese for more than 5 years. She has got the diploma of Children’s services and studied Early Childhood Studies university of west Sydney.
Jenny Zheng
Ms Jenny Zheng Teacher
Ms Zheng, who is teaching level 1, had been doing Import and Export business for more than 10 years after graduating from Hua Nan Women’s College. Since moving to Australia, she started to explore a new learning area, community language training, and has been trained by Sydney University. Last year, Ms Zheng got the certificate of early childhood Education. Due to her enthusiasm, she has been teaching Sunday Schools in Church.
Na Qin
Ms Na Qin Teacher
Ms Qin, who is teaching level 2 class, has been a teacher in the Gladesville branch for four years. She is from Beijing, China. Due to her major, Ms Qin was a doctor in one of the toppest hospitals in Beijing. After moving to Australia, she has moved her concern to the Chinese languagestudies. She has been trained by Sydney university for community language teaching. She is a mother of two lovely girls.

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