Beginner 1

The Beginning level is for students with little or non-Chinese background. Students will acquire the skill to read and write simple conversations concerning daily needs with support of Pinyin. Building a vocabulary base and being introduced to basic grammar and syntax structures, by the end of level one, students should be able to satisfy the simple conversation, such as basic introductions and can ask and answer questions about personal details, home country, familiar people and personal possessions.

Beginner 2

At this level, students are taught how to use the simple conversation skill to take public and private transportation, make small purchases in a grocery or market, order meals in a restaurant, tell time, know the days of the week and the months, read street signs and to introduce oneself and greet others appropriately.

Elementary 1

The students begin to learn basic grammar and sentence construction, simple vocabulary, and grammatical terms. By the end, students should read the paragraph with Pinyin. With practicing reading aloud in class, students can increase comprehension, speed, confidence, and clarity of pronunciation. Short writing exercises are introduced to build familiarity with new vocabulary and grammatical constructions.

Elementary 2

This course continues to reinforce reading and conversational ability. Simple articles are also introduced for developing reading comprehension and new vocabulary. Students are expected to have the ability to form simple, grammatically correct sentences with ease, pronounce words clearly and recognize and read some simple Chinese characters. At the end of the course, students should be able to write brief compositions dealing with different topics, converse confidently and accurately on simple subjects, and demonstrate a solid understanding of the Language.

Intermediate 1

The level concentrates heavily on expanding the reading and speaking vocabulary, including Chinese history, art, and culture. Brief reading exercises from other sources are introduced as supplementary materials. In addition, this level stresses increased oral comprehension, using recorded television and radio news broadcasts as a regular classroom listening activity.

Intermediate 2

This course is helping students in developing in the use of grammatical structures and new vocabulary for reading and speaking. Comprehension and vocabulary exercises will employ pre-recorded radio and television programs and accompany printed resources.

At the end of this course, students will achieve a plateau of ability which will enable them to read, speak, and write on diverse subjects with a modest degree of assurance and fluency.

Advanced Intermediate

At this level, students are expected to prepare reports on various subjects, and present them to their class. Students will be able to discuss complex abstract issues and understand the general themes of radio and television broadcasts.

Advanced 1

Advanced students should be able to speak with confidence and be able to read and write on different subjects. This level still focuses on reading comprehension, advanced writing skills, translation techniques, and continued vocabulary acquisition. Newspapers, books, and longer texts will be introduced for class work and home study.

Advanced 2

his course will keep helping students on the reading, writing, and speaking skills. Strong emphasis is placed on the acquisition of new vocabulary, reinforced by daily speaking and composition exercises. The various activities are designed to increase the student’s threshold in reading comprehension, particularly when encountering longer texts with unfamiliar vocabulary. Supplementary materials offer subject matter at a challenging level of difficulty, and may include short books, lengthy articles from newspapers, magazines, journals, or readings from similar sources.

Advanced 3

Students at this level are expected with highly-developed language skills which helps them on improving specific areas of proficiency.
Contemporary literature, assorted texts, films, television programs, and other audio-visual are used at this level. Students should be able to write moderate length contexts with Chinese Characters. At this level, the students will be required to read books with the approval of the teacher at home. It is expected that the students will have capability of speaking intelligently and accurately, reading and writing with displaying confidence in the use of the Chinese language in widely differing situations and contexts.

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